Endorsements for Robyn

Gig Harbor Firefighters Local 3390

Elected, Former Elected and

City Appointed Public Servants


Congressman Derek Kilmer, (D) WA-6 















Emily Randall, State Senator, LD 26

Derek Young, Pierce County Councilperson, Dist 7

Terry Lee, Former Pierce County Councilperson, Dist 7

Pat Lantz, Former State Senator, LD 26

Larry Seaquist, Former State Representative LD 26

Dylan Stanley, Owner, Tides Tavern

Ben Coronado, Chair, Gig Harbor Parks Commission

Reid Ekberg, Former Chair, Planning Commission         


Steve Ekberg, Former City Councilperson

Frank Dacca, Retired Pierce County District Court Judge

Marlene Drucker, Gig Harbor Parks Commission 


Nicole Hicks, Parks Commission

Todd Iverson, PenMet Parks Commission

Paul Kadzik, Former City Councilperson

Marcie Maxwell, Former State Representative, 41st District

Sara McDaniel, Parks Commissioner       

Kae Paterson, Former Planning Commissioner (28 years service to the City)

John & Max Fosberg, Owners Gig Harbor Brewing Co.



- Gig Harbor Firefighters Local 3390

- National Political Women's Caucus of Washington State

- Tacoma Pierce County Black Collective

- Teamsters Joint Council and Local 117 (Gig Harbor Police Officer Rep.)

- Pierce County Central Labor Council - Interviewed w 2022

- International Association of Machinists Local Lodges 282, 297, 289, 751

- International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302 - contacted for 2022

- International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 23 - E'd Todd 4/18 2022

- International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local, 483

- LD26 Democrats

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Gig Harbor deserves representation that’s committed to building consensus and is ready to tackle the big issues that the community is facing. Robyn's collaborative approach to problem solving brings people together, which is exactly what's needed to get things done in local government. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Robyn Denson for Gig Harbor City Council Position 5."

             - Congressman Derek Kilmer

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Why I'm Supporting Robyn:

Gig Harbor Professional FireFighters

"Your Gig Harbor Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 3390, are proud to endorse Robyn Denson for Gig Harbor City Council Position #5!  Robyn is a staunch supporter of public safety in our community and we look forward to partnering with her on issues such as traffic mitigation, development impacts and residential fire sprinklers in new construction.  We also believe that the relationships Robyn has developed at both the city and county level will prove invaluable in continuing and growing the positive impact Gig Harbor has on the local landscape.  As your professional firefighters, we place the safety of our citizens, their families and Gig Harbor’s visitors as the highest priority.  We are confident that Robyn feels the same way and we are excited to see her thrive as a Gig Harbor City Council member. "

Dylan Stanley, Owner of Tides

"I'm supporting Robyn because she really cares about the people and places that make Gig Harbor so special. Robyn understands the importance of protecting Gig Harbor's maritime character while maintaining a vibrant downtown where businesses co-exist with parks, residents and visitors."

Dylan Stanley, Owner of Tides


Individual Supporters


To add your name to my supporters, email FriendsofRobynDenson@gmail.com  

Al Abbott            

Barbara Ablitt   

Steve Ainslie    

Renato and Denise Ajeto 

James Albrecht

Peggy Allen

Bob Anderson  

Lisa Anderson   

Kristin Ang    

George and Louise Babbitt     

Erin & Andrew Babich   

Randy Babich

Praveen Bhan

John Barelli

Gayle Baumgarten

Kevin Billingsly  

Pam Binns       

Marty Bishop   

Kevin and Bridget Boldt

Deborah Borgen 

Jean and Joanne Bourguignon   

Daniel Brockman   

Sarah Brown     

Thelma & Dan Brown    

Jake & Pat Bujacich   

Jen Butler and Mark Burcar   

Bill Calabrese

Karen Call           

Juanita Carbaugh

Steve Carnathan             

Jacqueline & Troy Carrier

Cara Channing

Kristin Constable             

Ben Coronado

Frank Dacca

Jan Dahl     

Dennis and Barbara Day         

Lee Deide

Amy Derrick

Doug Dingman

Marlene Drucker

Jason Dupuis

Craig Duvall             

Marion and Steve Ekberg

Reid & Carrieanne Ekberg           

Dianna Eversole

Erin Ewald          

Nick Federici     

Jerry Figuerres 

Connie FitzPatrick     

Alastair & Teresa Fordyce    

Maria and Bill Foreman 

Max Fosberg

John Fosberg

Alysha and Tom Fosters               

Barbara Fredrickson

Linda Glein

Jacquie Goodwill         

Steve Gordon   

Tammis Greene               

Jill Guernsey

Jerry Guarino

Kelvin Gurrerro

Leslie and Carter Harbaugh         

John & Terry Harrington               

Lynn Hellberg-Jabs

Bryan Jabs, IAFF-282            

Darrell Johnson

Roger Henderson

Phyllis Henry

Dave & Kathryn Hyde

Nicole Hicks

Todd Iverson    

Dana Johnson   

John Jolibois      

Catherine Jordan

Paul & Jan Kadzik          

Andy Kaplowitz 

Jeff Katke

Mary Kazlusky

Patricia Kilpatrick

Mark King

Scott Kingsbury

Stan Kohout  

Sharon Kresse    

Allison Kytle      

Jerry Lampert   

John and Pat Lantz             

Margarita Leas 

Janet Lee

Terry Lee            

Betty Lilienthal 

Luellen Lucid

Laureen Lund     

Jim and Brenda Lykins   

Tracey MacKay

Jill Magnuson    

Marco Malich    

Shelley Manada   

Vicki Martin

Brett Marlo            

Marcie Maxwell

Melinda Mazoue             

Patrick and Heidi McCann            

Gay McCray       

Sara McDaniel

Karen McDonell               

Hugh McMillan 

Gunda Meissner

Rob and Rosemarie Milroy    

Dave Morris     

Jeremy Mort 

Randy Mueller    

Anne Nesbit      

Jill Neumeister 

Rabbi Sarah Newmark

Leslie Nitabach 

Judith Nolan

Rick and Julie Offner      

Sharon Oswalt  

Kae Paterson    

Ben & Sara Patkin   

Laura Patrick        

Maria Peterson

George and Marcia Pollitt

Joe and Sandy Pond

Tom Quinlan

Emily Randall  

Victor Rhett   

Rich Rhodes      

Cathy Rich

Lance Richards 

Ron Roark       

Katie Robinson

Colleen Rustad

Sue and Art Sandeen

Roger Sargent  

Joyce Schultz    

Erin Scott            

Curt and Patricia Scott   

Joe Scott

Larry & Carla Seaquist   

Becky and John Sharett

Candace Sheehan

John & Tina Shoemaker

Brian Sinausky  

Twila Slind          

Dan & Marcie Smith

Nancy Soles       

Richard Soulam 

Alisa Spector

Robert and Colleen Speer  

Bill Spencer

Randy Spitzer 

Martin and Donna Squires  

Joy Stanford      

Tom Stanfield

Dylan Stanley

Peter Stanley

Jamie and Lynn Stevenson

Allison Sunliffe

Alison Sutcliffe 

Mary Jane Tarabochia  

Nick Tarabochia 

Doug Terrien

Doug Terry

Sharon and Douglas Throckmorton

Louise Sutherland Tieman

Mark Tovey       

Barb Turecky     

Dick & Jane Vanberg      

Gregg Vermillion             

Buffy & Kenny Via 

Cindy Vincent         

Susan Walker 

Jerry Walton   

P.J. Watkins

Chuck West       

Michael Werner

Kathy Weymiller              

Jeff and Judi Wilbert 

Diane Wiley     

Rand Wilhelmsen  

Dan Wilson          

Susan Winningham        

Collene & John Wright  

George Young  

Derek Young 

Bryan Zimmerman    

To add your name to my supporters, email me at FriendsofRobynDenson@gmail.com  

Terry Lee, Former County Councilperson

"I'm supporting Robyn because of her strong commitment to the community and the citizens of Gig Harbor.
Robyn will bring to the Gig Harbor City Council a level of knowledge and experience that will continue to make the Maritime City the special place we all love." 

State Senator Emily Randall

"In her business, as a parent, on the Parks Commission, through her countless volunteer hours, as a neighbor — Robyn’s commitment to our community shines. She is an experienced leader who understands what makes Gig Harbor so special. Robyn will work to ensure our future only gets brighter. I’m proud to endorse Robyn Denson for Gig Harbor City Council."

State Senator Emily Randall

"In her business, as a parent, on the Parks Commission, through her countless volunteer hours, as a neighbor — Robyn’s commitment to our community shines. She is an experienced leader who understands what makes Gig Harbor so special. Robyn will work to ensure our future only gets brighter. I’m proud to endorse Robyn Denson for Gig Harbor City Council."

Hugh McMillan, Community Hero

"I first met Robyn Denson when, as a member of the Communities In Schools of Peninsula Board of Directors I was present when she contributed $500 to CISP from the proceeds of a real estate sale in which she asked the buyer which non-profit should be a recipient of such a gift. I was impressed to learn she does this with all such sales. Not long thereafter, Robyn became an active volunteer member of our Board lending all her many talents to helping kids to succeed. She's now our Vice-President! This is just one of her many civic engagements giving back to the community she loves!"