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Pierce County can do BETTER for you and your families and you won't find anyone who will work harder to improve your quality of life and that of your neighbors and broader community.

I'm a long-time Gig Harbor resident, mother of two teenagers born and raised here, a current Gig Harbor City Council member, host of HarborChat on KGHP-FM and I serve among incredible community leaders on a number of Boards and Commissions. Read more.

As a Gig Harbor City Councilmember, I've worked hard for my constituents. People know I take the time to listen and am ultimately able to "get things done." District 7 needs strong representation at the county level and I will work hard for you.

In my bid for the Pierce County Council District 7 seat, I'm honored to have earned the trust of many of our community's leaders, including U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer, current Pierce County Chair Derek Young (Dist. 7), Speaker of the Washington State House of Representatives Laurie Jinkins, County Councilpersons Ryan Mello, Marty Campbell and Jani Hitchen and many other wonderful folks in neighborhoods throughout Pierce County. I'm humbled by the support and opportunity to make you proud! 

Key Issues:

As your Pierce County Councilperson, I'll focus on issues you've told me are most important. Issues including:

- Homelessness and Affordable Housing

- Transportation and Broadband

- Public Safety and Mental/Behavioral Health

- COVID Recovery and Economic Development

- Our Environment - Protecting and conserving our beautiful Pierce County lands and waters. 


All the issues we face in Pierce County are interconnected. How can you talk about the environment without talking about housing and transportation? How can you work on public safety without considering behavioral/mental health and homelessness? District 7 needs a representative who isn't focused on just one or two issues, but can look broadly at how all County systems interconnect. District 7 needs a leader who can help the County move forward in a holistic way that provides everyone with equitable opportunities for a healthy and happy life.

That being said, I'm always asked, "What are your top three issues you'd like to work on?" Here you go:

Housing & Homelessness 

This is a passion area of mine. I'll focus on ensuring everyone has a safe home and that our communities are safe and healthy. I have a great deal of experience with the whole spectrum of housing models: I served as the State House of Representatives Housing Analyst for 5 legislative sessions. I've worked for homeless shelters. I've worked for Habitat for Humanity. All of that experience has made it clear to me that we need a system of strategic opportunities to fit different situations that can be quickly and aggressively implemented. We've reached a breaking point with homelessness and enough is enough: What we've done in the past either is not working, or needs to be scaled up to make a real impact. We need to take bold steps to figure this out once and for all. I'm ready to get to work.


Our environment, our natural habitats and our wildlands: As we grow, it's critically important to ensure that one of the characteristics that makes Pierce County such an amazing place to live is treasured and preserved. I've been involved in environmental causes for many years and have helped spearhead a number of them (Harbor WildWatch, for example, and most recently the Gig Harbor Land Conservation Fund). I've served on the County Conservation Futures Board and I'm currently leading the effort to conserve more than 40 acres of critical salmon habitat (and archeologically important lands) in Gig Harbor. It is IMPERATIVE that we are thoughtful and careful about how/where we develop to ensure we've got room for people, plants and animals. Our people deserve equitable access to open space and the outdoors. We all know that preserving habitat for our animal neighbors - including keystone species like salmon - not only is important for our ecosystem as a whole, but also for our iconic commercial fishing industry.

COVID Recovery/Economic Development 

Having good, living-wage jobs here in Pierce County is critical to ensuring our residents are stable and thriving. Having enough jobs locally also impacts housing and transportation: When people live near where they work, we can cut transportation costs, ease traffic congestion and improve the quality of life for folks who can spend more time with their families and in their communities. I started my career in economic development and I love serving our local Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Association today. Ensuring everyone has adequate broadband is part of the economic development/COVID recovery discussion.


My guiding mission will always be to improve the quality of life in our communities and ensure that everyone has equitable opportunities to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

As a parent, City Councilperson, four-time Parks Commissioner, community radio show host and active community volunteer, I understand the critical importance of protecting the unique character and natural environments of District 7 communities, while ensuring our residents have the services and infrastructure needed to achieve a high quality of life. I’m committed to working with respect, civility and sensibility in collaboration with my fellow Councilmembers to ensure our residents are safe, healthy, housed and have access to grow, work, recreate and thrive!